Newspaper Costumes

As women all the world over understand, dressing up in your finery can instantly change your mood for the better.  It seems the same is true for toddlers… Today, we dressed up as pirates using nothing more than a few sheets of newpaper (and then sailed around the living room on the sofa!)

Pirate Hat (can be made into any other type of hat, too)

1.  Take a sheet of newspaper.  Fold it in half along the middle.  (you can see the crease in the picture below)

2.  Fold the top corners down into the middle, to create the pointy top of the hat.  You may want to stick them down with sellotape to stop them unfolding.

3.  Fold the bottom edges up to create the brim of the hat.  Again, sellotape is useful to stop them unfolding.  Decorate with the appropriate embellishments (skull and crossbones worked for us – but perhaps a red cross for a doctor or nurse, or pompoms for a more feminine touch!)

We also cut out a small bit of paper to serve as an eye patch, and tied it around Gerry’s head with ribbon.  (Rab wasn’t bothered, despite Gerry’s best efforts to interest him).  And shiver me timbers – there we had it – a costume which amused Gerry all afternoon.