RainyDayGames – what’s this all about then?

Most parents get through the winter months by imagining the fun that summer will bring. We think about the BBQs we will have; we plan menus for the picnics on the beach and in the park; we imagine the fun and games we’ll have with the kids in the garden.  But April turns to May, which turns to June, which turns to July, and the rain continues to drum down on our windows.  And at some point – usually around the time that the school holidays begin – reality hits us: we’re going to have to think of a good few indoor activities to occupy the children (and ourselves) – without resorting to the television 24 hours a day… If only there was some kind of magical list which could provide inspiration!

This blog aims to be just that – a list of games and activities which don’t require too much time to prepare, and which don’t need many more resources than those we already have in the house. They’ll be worked out with the help of my own children (Gerry, nearly three years old, and Rab who is just a few months old) – so if they don’t distract us, they won’t make it onto the list!  And they’ll be indoor games  – Rainy Day Games – games that will be good enough to distract us all from the lack of sun outside…


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