Spider Prints


Gerry loved everything about this painting activity. He loved getting his hands painted (‘it TICKLES!!’); he loved smearing them on the paper; he loved playing with the wobbly eyes; he loved winding the pritt stick up and down (and up and down…and up…) – and he loved running round the house with the spider afterwards.

To do this, you will need:

Paint, a sponge, googley eyes (or a pen to draw them on), baby wipes for cleaning up!

1. Squirt some paint onto the sponge, and smear it over your toddler’s hand- but keep the thumb clean! (if not, you’ll end up with a ten-legged spider…)

2. With fingers stretched out widely, make a handprint on the paper.

3. Wipe the excess paint off the hand with a baby wipe. (Top tip: do this immediately to avoid painty handprints all over your house…).

4.  Repeat with other hand. When making the actual print, try to stick palm #2 on top of the palm print from palm #1, if that makes sense. It takes a bit of lining up, but is quite easy to do.

5. Leave paint to dry. (remember to wipe excess paint off hand#2!).

6. When dried, add the eyes. Then cut out the spider- you could even stick it onto some card to make it more robust- and let the spider playing begin!


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