Spider Prints


Gerry loved everything about this painting activity. He loved getting his hands painted (‘it TICKLES!!’); he loved smearing them on the paper; he loved playing with the wobbly eyes; he loved winding the pritt stick up and down (and up and down…and up…) – and he loved running round the house with the spider afterwards.

To do this, you will need:

Paint, a sponge, googley eyes (or a pen to draw them on), baby wipes for cleaning up!

1. Squirt some paint onto the sponge, and smear it over your toddler’s hand- but keep the thumb clean! (if not, you’ll end up with a ten-legged spider…)

2. With fingers stretched out widely, make a handprint on the paper.

3. Wipe the excess paint off the hand with a baby wipe. (Top tip: do this immediately to avoid painty handprints all over your house…).

4.  Repeat with other hand. When making the actual print, try to stick palm #2 on top of the palm print from palm #1, if that makes sense. It takes a bit of lining up, but is quite easy to do.

5. Leave paint to dry. (remember to wipe excess paint off hand#2!).

6. When dried, add the eyes. Then cut out the spider- you could even stick it onto some card to make it more robust- and let the spider playing begin!


The Peppa Pig Boat

I’m not a big fan of merchandising.  I’m pretty reluctant to shell out on the magazines, backpacks, lunch boxes and suchlike that feature characters from gerry’s favourite shows, mainly because by the time I’ve got round to buying him something, he’ll have a new favourite show or character. (they’re also a lot more expensive than plain old lunch boxes, rucksacks etc- I can’t deny that this affects my decision too…)

But that doesn’t stop Gerry loving them. And I don’t want to deny him everything that he loves… So we came up with a compromise today- we spent the afternoon decorating with Peppa  Pig illustrations!

We chose to decorate an old box- or ‘boat’, as Gerry prefers to think of it. But it got me thinking- you could decorate anything in this way: the front of a notepad, or toy boxes, or whatever you fancy…


We google searched for some of out pictures, then printed them out. We also found an old magazine ( I said I didn’t like them, not that I never bought them…) and cut out some pictures from there. Then we simply stuck them onto the boat and she was ready to sail!