Masking the Truth

Masks are great.  Inspired by a cafe that we sometimes go to- where the owners clearly understand that parents want a quiet coffee, so provide entertainment in the form of toys and masks to play with – we decided to have a go at making a few today. We tried a few different styles: full face ones, and the more elegant ‘masked ball’ type…



(and then we decorated them too!)


(No, I’m not sure why there is a lorry doing a nose-dive down the bridge of this mask either). 

As with all good RainyDayGames, however, the fun doesn’t just lie in the making of them, but also in the using of them afterwards.  Wearing a mask adds fun to all kinds of otherwise dull activities- we’ve done jigsaws wearing them (tricky, because we didn’t cut the eyeholes in exactly the right places); eaten dinner wearing them (well, one of us did – the mouth slit in the other mask was just too small); and tidying up is somehow more fun wearing a mask! It wasn’t just fun for Gerry either: wearing a mask is just an elaborate game of peekaboo really- so Rab enjoyed it too. Bonus.


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