Thank you cards

The dreaded task of writing thank you cards seems to hang over me for most of the year.  It’s partly my fault – it generally takes at least two months after the birthday/christening/celebration event for me to start dealing with them – and then takes a week or so to remember who gave what, then remember what their kids are called, then find their addresses…And everyone knows that thank you cards really ought to be homemade jobbies – theyre much nicer that way, and if the whole point is to show appreciation for the gift then you ought to do it properly.  But this means that they feel like a really BIG job – and one that I’ll do tomorrow…

 But really, I ought to embrace thank you cards – they’re a great rainy day activity for toddlers to get involved in (and you’ll be starting them young, so when they’re older it’ll be second nature to make them, without you having to nag!). Here are a couple of ideas for good child-friendly cards to make. 

1.  Hand/foot prints – straight onto plain card – easy peasy.  (tip: keep baby wipes handy for immediate wiping of hands and feet…)

2.  Get your toddler to cover a piece of a4 paper with paint. Make it as colourful (and abstract!) as they want, then set it aside to dry.  When totally dry, cut out a series of capital ‘T’s.  These can then be stuck on to the front of your cards, to form the T of Thank you.  Write the rest of the word on with a marker pen, then put a little message inside the card and voila! Home made AND legible too!

3.  Encourage your child to do a really detailed, careful drawing (only one, don’t worry!).  Then scan it in to the computer, and print out smaller versions onto your card/folded paper.  Looks great, and your toddler will be impressed that they’ve done it ALL on their own!

Hmmm.  That’s all of my ideas done… Now I’ve got to think of a few more before Christmas….


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