Annabel Karmel Wouldn’t Agree…

… But sometimes a RainyDayGame requires chocolate! If you (or your kids) are having this kind of day (as we frequently do), chocolate fruit kebabs might be just the ticket.  They’re fun to make, and look great (and the fruit should appease AK somewhat…)

You will need:

A selection of different fruits (bananas, apples, melons, pears, cherries, grapes are all good ones); kebab skewers; a packet of chocolate buttons.

1. Chop the fruit up into bitesize pieces. (Gerry does the soft stuff- bananas and suchlike, and I do the apples and pears etc).

2. Thread the fruit onto the kebab skewers. If your kids aren’t quite dexterous to do the threading themselves, they might like to decide what order the fruit should be placed in.

3. Place the chocolate in a small bowl and microwave it for thirty seconds or so, until melted. Then either drizzle the chocolate on top of the kebabs, or use it as a dipping sauce.

And voila! Fruity, chocolatey fun for all.


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