Writing Picture Books

The best RainyDayGames are those which are both fun to make and fun to use afterwards. Writing your own picture book is one such good’un – making it is lots of fun – but then, unlike some other ‘making’ activities you might do with your children, it doesn’t just go in the bin as soon as they’ve gone to bed!

1. First of all: you need pictures. You can use photos of family members, or cut interesting pictures out of old newspapers etc. or- as we did- you can use a mixture of both. (Ours included photos of Gerry and Rab, photos of relatives, and pictures of a digger, a bus, musical instruments and a big chocolate cake).

2. Stick these photos onto blank sheets of paper in any order you wish.  (this doesn’t need to be a well thought out activity!). Leave the glue to dry.

3. Staple the sheets of paper together to form a book. Add a front cover (a photo of your children might prove quite popular).

Nb when we did this yesterday, we did steps 2 and 3 in the wrong order. Big mistake! The glue that stuck the photos onto the pages also stuck the pages together…

And voila- one book, filled with pictures of your children’s favourite things. They will love looking through it on their own- or you can ‘read’ it with them, making up a new story about the pictures each time.


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