Two Games with Bubbles (neither of which were a complete success…)

Bubbles are always a hit in our house. We can while away most of an afternoon having bubble blowing competitions- who can blow the biggest/smallest/most in one breath/furthest travelling etc. Today, remembering an activity we once did at primary school, I thought we could be more creative with our bubbles and make bubble-art…

First of all we mixed a squirt of paint, a squirt of washing up liquid and a bit of water (precise measures, these!) in a plastic cup. We then blew through a straw into the mixture, creating bubbles in the cup. We blew until the bubbles reached the top of the cup – and then placed a piece of paper on the top, leaving a bubble-paint imprint on the paper!


This was great fun – until Gerry sucked instead of blew… He gagged, drank about two pints of water, then, after fifteen minutes of whimpering, suggested that perhaps a snack would make him better.  Not a wild success.

Version 2 was inspired. We had some pots of bubble mixture in the cupboard. I tipped the top quarter of bubble mixture away, replaced it with paint, shook hard and then used the bubble utensil to blow bubbles onto the paper. It worked after a fashion, but didn’t create the same super bubble effect that version 1 had.

So… neither of these were fantastic… but with a bit of thought, they could both be great.  A one-way valve in a straw, for example, would make all the difference to version 1.  We salvaged some fun from it all, in the end, by having bubble blowing competitions  (I blew the largest, Gerry the most in one breath – and Rab was mesmerised by it all!)


One thought on “Two Games with Bubbles (neither of which were a complete success…)

  1. Welcome to the blogoshpere! Handy hint re:the inhaling bubble mixture issue. Pierce a hole through the top of the straw, it only slightly inhibits blowing and mitigates inhaling issues!

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