Fairylight Fun

Like most people, we keep a lot of rubbish under our bed.  It’s all the stuff that we don’t want to throw away, but just aren’t using at the moment.  And it’s not just under our bed – it’s under the bed in the guest room, under Gerry’s bed, under Rab’s cot… under the sofa… This was a fine situation to be in, until last week.  Because last week, Gerry discovered just how fun searching around under the bed can be…

‘What’s this?’ ‘Hey! This used to be mine!’ ‘Can I wear my old shoes?’ ‘What are these for?’ ‘Can I have it?’….

His voice rose to a squeaky excited squeal when he discovered the bag of christmas decorations this morning. I sort of agreed with him – christmas decorations are fun to look at regardless of the time of year.  Which is why, half an hour later, we had built a fabulous den in the living room – and decorated it with fairy lights.  Gerry loved it, and Rab was fascinated by the twinkles too.  In fact, we loved it so much, we spent most of the afternoon in there.  There was just about enough room for the three of us plus a jigsaw.  Plus a book.  Plus three cuddly toys…

So this is definitely going to become a regular RainyDayGame activity.  Lights are fun – they make a familiar place seem more exciting, and change the atmosphere somehow.  I’m wondering if torches could make a good activity too…?


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