Growing Seeds

Not so much a game, this, as an ongoing activity.  In fact, I wasn’t even going to include this on the blog – but Gerry has enjoyed it so much, it seems a shame not to. 

We decided to grow some seeds a few days ago (after watching an episode of Peppa Pig, I’m ashamed to say).  We took a quick trip to the local garden centre, picking up a packet of mixed lettuce leaves and a packed of ‘sprouting seeds’ – the type you add to your salad sandwiches.  We planted the lettuce seeds outside in a big pot, and sprinkled the sprouters on a tray lined with two layers of kitchen roll.  (I don’t know why two layers are necessary – it’s just what it said on the packet). They should, apparently, be ready to eat within five to ten days – and Gerry has been true to his solemn vow of watering them each morning.  

His interest goes far beyond just watering them.  It’s the sprouting seeds he likes most, presumably because they’re indoors and therefore easier to remember.  He goes over to check on them at least three times a day, and seems to know which ones have sprouted since he last checked (he says it with such conviction, I’m inclined to believe him!).  He counts the ones that have sprouted (it’s getting harder now they’re in double figures) and spends quite a while trying to decide which one is longest… Now, if he eats them, too, it’ll be a success on all fronts. 

So there we have it.  A quick trip to the garden centre (seeds might even be available in your supermarket), a tray and a few pieces of kitchen roll are all you need to provide days of entertainment! (or at least, a few minutes of entertainment each day…)



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