Rock Art

We went on a walk yesterday, during which Gerry collected a large bag full of stones. Obviously proud of his hunter-gathering instinct, he started to spread them out on the living room floor the moment we got back home.  He played with them intensely for approximately four minutes before getting bored and wandering off, leaving his rockery cluttering up our  living room carpet. And this morning, they were still there – Gerry claimed that he needed them for ‘work’.

Now, I was unwilling to mess up his game, but equally unwilling to leave the big choking hazard for Rab on the living room floor. So we decided to compromise – I wouldn’t bin them, but he would play with them out of Rab’s reach.  After more negotiation, we decided to use them for a bit of Rock Art.

We got sheets of A4 paper and drew frames around the edges, effectively turning them into canvases for our art. Then we arranged the stones onto our makeshift canvases, creating big pictures and patterns. Gerry’s first creation was a tractor (of course) but he branched out into other vehicles, using the most rounded stones as wheels and the littler ones to form the outline. He then ‘drew’ a scarecrow, a meerkat and the sea in quick succession. Whoever knew that a few dusty old stones could provide so much entertainment!


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