I’ve not yet met a toddler who didn’t like stickers.  Whether it’s the free-in-a-magazine variety, the collect-in-packs-of-six football variety, or even the stuck-to-your-apple variety, any type of sticker is a welcome distraction in our house! But they’re quite expensive to buy, and once they’re stuck, they’re stuck – so no more fun… So we’ve developed an alternative, that can be tailored easily to your child’s interests.

We started off in the local newsagent, choosing a magazine which was full of good pictures.  For us, that was the Farmers’ Autotrader, for its pictures of tractors – but you can choose any magazine that your child likes the look of.  Then, armed with the Autotrader, a pair of scissors, some glue and a few sheets of paper, we sat down at the kitchen table together.  I cut out the pictures of tractors that Gerry liked, he applied the glue and arranged them carefully onto the paper.  (More accurately, he stuck them down willy-nilly…)

We covered several sheets of paper in this way, using just a few pages of the magazine.  So there’s a lot left over for next time! Gerry loved choosing the tractors and doing the glue – and these will make great pictures for the grandparents.  All in all, a good RainyDayGame


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